TICKER NEWS – a news startup that covers the world of news, politics and finance with a fresh perspective.

The channel features seasoned hosts Ahron Young and Veronica Dudo, who bring their unique voices to distinct programs including: Ticker Today, In America Today, and The State. AFL champion Chris Judd hosts his weekly program Talk Ya Book.

Ticker News also produces a range of shows and original programming that delve deeper into the stories that matter.

Ticker Originals offers a fresh take on the documentary format, providing viewers with a quick and engaging way to stay up-to-date on the latest current affairs topics.

TICKER NEWS delivers accurate, unbiased news and analysis in real-time. TICKER NEWS streams breaking news, politics and finance – for the change-makers, the innovators.

TICKER NEWS is driven by its audience – whether it’s on our LIVE stream or on-demand. Our newsroom is focused on what people are clicking on, featuring journalists, presenters and producers from diverse backgrounds – connecting consumers to authentic and trusted storytelling.