Montana – University and College List

The following is a list of Universities in the state of Montana:

  • Carroll College
  • Montana State University System
    • Billings
    • Bozeman
    • Northern
  • Rocky Mountain College
  • Salish Kootenai College
  • University of Great Falls
  • University of Montana System
    • Montana Tech
    • University of Montana–Missoula
    • University of Montana–Western

List of Community Colleges in the state of Montana:

  • Aaniiih Nakoda College
  • Blackfeet Community College
  • Chief Dull Knife College
  • Dawson Community College
  • Flathead Valley Community College
  • Fort Peck Community College
  • Little Big Horn College
  • Miles Community College
  • Montana State University System (2-year campuses)
    • City College at MSU Billings
    • Great Falls College–Montana State University
  • Stone Child College
  • University of Montana System (2-year campuses)
    • Helena College University of Montana
    • Missoula College

Student Financial Aid Scholarship Options in Montana

  • Governor’s Best & Brightest High School MERIT Scholarship

This scholarshipis Awarded to one qualified student from each Montana high school accredited by the Montana Board of Public Education. Students who continue to meet the requirements; $2,000 per year, up to 4 years.

  • Requirements:
  • Must be a 2017 graduate from a high school accredited by the
    Montana Board of Public Education
  • Must be a resident of the State of Montana (Board of Regents Policy 940.1)
  • Must be accepted by an eligible Montana campus (listed below)
  • Must take the ACT/SAT by December 31st of the student’s senior year
  • Must obtain a cumulative high school GPA of at least 3.0 (calculated as
    of 7th semester) OR a score of at least 20 on the ACT OR 1050 on the
    SAT (1440 for tests prior to March 2016) college admissions tests
  • Must begin using the next chronological semester (excluding summer)
  • If a male, must meet the Title IV selective service requirements
  • Must not be incarcerated
  • Must be seeking a first certificate, or 2-year or 4-year degree

The MUS Honor Scholarship

The MUS Honor Scholarship is a 4-year renewable scholarship, that waives the recipient’s tuition when used at an eligible campus. The value varies depending upon which campus the student attends (the average value at a 4-year Montana campus is $4,000 a year or $16,000 for four years).

The MUS Student Financial Services office offers up to 200 scholarships annually (contingent upon continued funding of the program). The scholarship does not cover mandatory or class fees. Students should ask their college for a list of fees that are not covered by the scholarship.

MUS Scholarship Award Rules:
Students from each high school will be ranked in GPA order. The individual(s) with the highest GPA* (and all ties for first) will be awarded 30 points, the next highest GPA (and all ties for second) will be given 29, and so forth, until all students with at least a 3.4 GPA are ranked. Once the GPA score has been determined, this score will be added to
the student’s ACT or SAT** score, whichever is higher, to create a composite score. The students with the highest composite scores in the state will be offered a MUS Honor Scholarship.

Eligibility Requirements:
• Must be a 2017 graduate from a high school accredited by the Montana Board of Public Education
• Must have been enrolled full-time at a high school accredited by the Montana Board of Public Education for at least three years prior to graduation (any combination of three years, but must include senior year)
• Must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.4 at the end of the 7th semester
• Must be on track to meet the Board of Regents Rigorous Core by graduation
• Must take the ACT or SAT test by Dec. 31 of the student’s senior year
• Must be a U.S. citizen and a Montana resident
• Must be accepted by an eligible campus

2 Plus 2 Honor Scholarship

The 2 + 2 Honor Scholarship is awarded annually to students who graduate with an associate degree from a 2-year campus of the Montana University System or a Montana Community College (listed below). The scholarship consists of a waiver of undergraduate tuition at any 4-year unit of the Montana University System and may be received up to a total of four continuous (fall/spring) semesters. The 2 + 2 Honor Scholarship Application is available in PDF format.

The scholarship is transferable between eligible campuses provided the student maintains a minimum 3.4 GPA at the home campus at the end of the academic year and demonstrates progress toward a degree by completing at least 30 credit hours per year.

Eligibility Requirements:
A student is eligible to receive a 2 Plus 2 Honor Scholarship providing the student:

  • Applies in June of the year immediately following their graduation (ex…a student that graduates Summer 2016, or Spring 2017…must apply by June 2017);
  • Has earned an associate’s degree from an eligible campus, with a minimum of 3.4 cumulative GPA;
  • Has been enrolled and in attendance at an eligible campus for a minimum of two semesters prior to graduating;
  • Has been accepted by or is enrolled at an eligible 4-year campus;
  • Begins utilizing the scholarship the next chronological semester after receiving his or her associate degree (excluding summer semester); and
  • Is a United States Citizen and Montana resident.

National Merit Semi-Finalist Scholarship

Tuition shall be waived for Montana students receiving a National Merit Semi-Finalist Scholarship. This scholarship (tuition waiver) will be valid through the first 2 consecutive semesters of enrollment, excluding credits earned prior to high school graduation. The holder of this scholarship must enter one of the Montana University System campuses within nine months after high school graduation. A satisfactory standard must be maintained to be eligible to use the scholarship for both semesters. The scholarship is not transferable.

Students who have been selected as National Merit Semi-finalists, will automatically be sent information regarding this waiver in the spring of their senior year. If you have not received information from your school by mid-April, please contact our office to check the status.

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