Why You Should Go to Summer School

Most people  know that students who spend their summer break by continuing their education always do better during the course of the school year. Sports and education are similar in that if you take too much time off you may get out of shape and then you will need to struggle to get back into shape. For many students it is the same with education, if they stay away from books too long they may have to re-study many of the things that they have already learned.

One example of many summer programs throughout the country is the Stanford High School summer college program. If you’re a high school student between 16 and 19 years old you may be interested to know that High School students from all over the world go to the Stanford campus to attend classes and earn college credits during their summer season.

As a Stanford Summer College student, you must enroll in a minimum of 8 units of which 6 must be from academic departments. You must also maintain your enrollment for the full summer quarter. If you want you can sign up for a maximum of 12 units which will cost more on your end.

The Stanford summer college program is one of many programs that are available to high school students throughout the summer season all over the country. Although everyone needs a vacation it is recommended while you are in school you do not stray too far from your books and your education during the summer season.

Harvard University, Yale, Duke University and countless others all have summer programs that are available to students who not only want to continue their education but want to learn to excel at what they do. These types of students are special. They are the do-ers of the world, The ones that go above and beyond what is expected of them.

You are wondering how can you go to school during the summer and still have a vacation? The problem can be solved very simply. You go to a summer program and you have a vacation. Most programs only last several weeks, in fact some programs do not begin until July and end before the end of August. This gives you more than enough time to go on a vacation and still do some extra studying during the summer.

You will not only feel refreshed you’ll be fully Alert on your first day of class during the beginning of the regular school season in September. This in itself will give you an edge in class and with your studies. Being fully prepared on the first day will go a long way to train you to be prepared for every day.