How the government makes a profit on your student debt

Did you know that more than 43 million Americans have student debt of more than 1.3 trillion dollars. The rising costs of college education in the United States is a problem many students face. Besides that, it is getting more and more difficult to find a job after graduation.

What many students may not know is that federal student loan programs made more than 41.3 billion dollars profit in 2013. Many critics have said that this is probably one of the only places where the government should not be looking to make profits.

Tuition-free Community College or debt free public four year College, As liberals have proposed is a great idea but unfortunately there’s no way to pay for this. Attempting to make college free in the United States Will only push America further and further into debt. Cutting interest rates on federal student loans Is a viable solution as is refinancing student loans.

Enrollment into student loan forgiveness programs has risen all across the nation. The struggle to find out how to pay for college continues in all different directions. Some universities such as Purdue University allowing students to apply education funding in exchange for a percentage of their possible future earnings.

With the numerous options available to students to pay back their debt it is difficult to make a decision on which to choose. Some students have been paying their student debt for decades. It is vital to find a viable solution to the problem of student debt. One thing that is certain is that the government should not be making a profit off the problems of students pay their student loans.