Fordham University Facts

Fordham University is located on Fordham Road in the Bronx which is in New York City. Back in 1841 it was founded by the Catholic Diocese of New York as St. John’s College. Approximately 15000 students attend Fordham University. Fordham house 10 constituent colleges, 4 undergraduate and 6 postgraduate colleges.

Fordham University has given out 102 Fulbright scholarship since 2003. It has also given out 1207 Awards and scholarships combined since 2003. In 2013 Fordham University had accomplished 1.2 million hours of community service in and around New York City. What’s really cool about Fordham University is that there are 2,600 New York city-based companies who offer internships.

The graduate program of Fordham University which include: law, business, english, history, social work, education and sociology are ranked among the top 100 in America, which is why Fordham University is considered one of the most expensive universities in America.

The requirements of Fordham University undergraduate hard to complete the Core curriculum which is a distribution of 17 courses in 9 disciplines. Please include English mathematical computational reasoning, social science, philosophy and ethics, history, Fine Arts, religious studies, Natural Science and Classical Languages.

The Core Curriculum is shared by Jesuit schools all over the world and is intended to provide a sound liberal arts education to the students of Fordham University. as a student at Fordham University here expected to fulfill most of the core requirements before the completion of your sophomore year. After completing your Core curriculum you can choose from over 50 major courses of study in which you will receive your degree.

The five campuses of Fordham University include Rose Hill in the Bronx which has 6971 undergraduate and graduate students. Lincoln Center in Manhattan has more than 7800 undergraduate and graduate students. 10 West Harrison Westchester New York here more than 450 undergraduate and graduate students. There is also Louis Calder Center biological Field Station in Armonk New York and the Fordham University London Center.

The cost of attendance at Fordham University’s approximately $46,000 a year. Junie help for financial aid if you always look for information about Fordham scholarships and grants they’re also federal and state grants of which you can inquire as well as loans such as the federal Perkins loan. For more information please go to